Difference between Curacao and Maltese gaming license

Difference between Curacao and Maltese gaming license

When you are starting the online gambling or gaming business you should know what are the things that are required to start up the online gaming businesses.

The most important thing that is to initiate or run the online gaming business is you have to get the proper gaming license from the government.

And if you are not properly licensed then you have to face so many legal difficulties. There are two types of online gaming licenses they are curacao and Maltese licenses and both of these things are very popular and they have their advantages too.

But when you are decided to get those licenses you should know the difference between Curacao and Maltese licenses for gambling businesses.

Maltese gaming license

Curacao gaming licenses

The curacao is a type of license you have to acquire when you are starting online businesses. Generally, there are two types of gaming licenses are available in Curacao and they are Master license and another is Sub licenses.

These gaming licenses cover all the skills, chances and also wagering along with the service providers, platform, operators, software providers, marketers, affiliates and also other ancillary service providers.

When you are applying for this kind of license you have to fulfill so many basic requirements and you have to submit so of the required documents. The gaming company usually performs the background check before they are providing approval for the online gaming business. At the same time, you should also provide the no criminal certificates, copies of your passports and also the banking reference and professional references from your accountant or lawyer, details about the software used and software agreements along with the third-party certification, terms, and conditions of the gaming sites.

Curacao gaming license

Maltese gaming licenses

These Maltese gaming licenses are also the type of gaming license and the procedure is very simple than the Curacao gaming license. Now they are offering two types of gaming licenses they are B2B and B2c gaming licenses. When you have the B2C license there is no longer requires for the new license per class of game. The requirements for applying the licenses are similar to the Curacao license requirements and not only for this, most of those licenses required these requirements only. But the Maltese company conducts the test to analyze whether you are fit for running the gaming site and if you want to get a license you should clarify it. When it comes to Curacao vs Maltese licenses, each of them has its benefits, choose them on your need.

Final thoughts

These are the comparison between Curacao and Malta gaming licenses and when you read out it you can get an idea about both of these licenses.

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