Fascinate Inc, the 7 triggers of FascinationToday I stumbled upon a blog post from How Blog, that shares insights from Sally Hogshead, the Chief Fascination Officer for Facinate, Inc. and also the author of Fascinate and Radical Careering, where she explains her “7 Triggers of Fascination” and how to captivate any audience with these strategies. I just had to share her valuable advice.

Here she claims, if the “Idea is King” then “Working with smart people is Queen!” Sally talks about why a person should aspire to be the dumbest person in the room in this video snippet  from How Design, and how your career can advantage from learning techniques and absorbing information from the people around you. I think she makes a fascinating argument – think about it … if your always the smartest person in the room, how could you possibly learn and continue to grow in your career? “Working with smart people is The Mac Daddy of your career!” exclaims Sally.

So the next time your interested in learning something new, put yourself into a room full of people who are experts at that something your aspiring to learn, try to play on that “A” team and get to learning!

For more insights, check out Erin Semple’s original blog at Howdesign, http://blog.howdesign.com/design-resources/design-career-advice-creative-process-video/

Or jump to Sally’s fascinating website; howtofascinate.com/ or sallyhogshead.com/

Happy clicking!