girl-ontouch-screen-phone-112x150Nomophobe – paralyzing fear of not having our mobile phones with us. “No Mobile Phone = Panic”

Mobile phone obsession is one thing – we’ve all seen or been ‘those people’ who cannot stop checking their phones. After reading through some of the facts in this infographic posted by Ragan’s Health Care Communications about all the dumb things your smartphone can make you do, it might just change your mobile phone fanaticism. Or not.

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Spoiler Alert:

  • 39% of smartphone users are on the phone while they are using the toilet
  • 20% of 18-34 year olds in the U.S. are having sex while using their cell phone (they don’t explain how, but honestly, this is already TMI)
  • 33% of people use their mobile phones in an attempt to look busy out in public, when they aren’t busy at all, they just want you to THINK they are too busy for chit chat or eye contact, i.e., they are a Very Important Person

So check out the infographic from Ragan Health Care Communication News, and let us know if you think a new wave of Nomophobes Anonymous is just around the corner.