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A Brand Disaster For The Books

Foreseeable: verb (used with object), foresaw, foreseen, foreseeing. 1. to have prescience of;

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The Three Rules of Marketing

Answer WIIFM and everyone wins. The Oscar’s of the advertising world

A Great Evening at Sangamon Auditorium

Enjoyed a wonderful evening of music and entertainment at the Sangamon Auditorium this

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A Move in the Right Direction

After 19 years in the marketing business, we like to think we are

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New Hire at Omni Communications Group

Welcome to our new co-worker Susan Ruehling!  Susan has been with us a few

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Omni Communications Group Advances To National Addy Award Competition

Omni is climbing up the Addy Award ladder after just finding out we

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The Omni Blog Takes Flight

It's about time Omni Communications Group started a blog to talk about all

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