We are a creative studio that loves helping people tell their stories. And we do so by…


It all starts with a strategic vision so that everything we do for your brand starts off smart and research driven. First, we listen to what’s important to your customers – we learn what matters to them and the most effective marketing language to use. Second, we listen to you – we get to know your company, your mission, and what matters to you. We study your competition and figure out how they are working in the market.

It’s really pretty simple – we know the questions to ask and know how to just listen, and that makes us really good at figuring out what makes you unique.

You can only create a successful and workable marketing strategy by establishing what your brand is and is not. It’s the building block for all your messaging.

Once we understand what makes your company unique to your target audience, we articulate your organization’s vision – we define the meaning behind the brand.

This is the brand platform – a visual and written story that defines your company: positioning, brand promise, and “reasons to believe”. We help you decide on the tone of voice of your marketing message, the “fit” of a proposed brand partner, how to align social media content with the brand message, and even the colors you use in your advertising. Having a thoughtfully developed brand that encompasses your story can keep you on track and growing, rather than wasting time and resources on a mixed message.

Your Brand Story is a narrative that is easily remembered, has core truths about your company, flows into the brand image and message, and answers for your audience the “what’s in it for me?” question that every brand has to answer.

As brand specialists, our role is helping to get your brand aligned with the operations (practical and tangible side) and the aspirations (goals, objectives, tactics and other strategic buzzwords) and to bring simplicity and clarity to the final brand product.

Depending on how you need to talk with your prospects and customers, we will create the vehicles to drive your brand story home. (Oops. That pun just snuck in there!) If most of your contact is done in one-to-one meetings, after applying the brand message and image to the logo, stationery, website, social media posts, and the other ‘usual marketing suspects’, we may develop talking points, a sales packet and follow up direct mail with your message.

Or maybe your retail brand needs to have print ad templates and a tagline for your radio advertising. To paraphrase from an old Dow Chemical® ad, we don’t make the media, we don’t place the media, but we make the message that makes the media work!

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.

Steve Forbes

1. We genuinely enjoy helping good companies grow.

One day, someone started a company using all kinds of grit and determination. We think it’s so cool to help them grow it.

2. We like helping our clients achieve success in their careers.

“A rising tide floats all boats,” as they say. It’s really exciting for us when our clients are recognized for their work!

3. We’re thrilled to work
with talented and positive people …

who also love what they do. It’s contagious! A passion for learning is a big plus, too.

4. We really value learning
new and different things.

Especially about an industry we haven’t worked with yet. Getting inside views of different markets and companies is like being a friendly fly on the wall. Without the fear of being smashed!

5. We love it when we can flex our own creative muscles.

When a solution is far from obvious at the start we get to really dive into the good stuff.

In my 25+ years of printing/advertising, I have never met a person with more integrity than Jill. We have worked together to complete some the most creative print projects our company has ever produced. Our relationship as business partners has continued to grow because we both recognize that our goal is to please our clients with the best service possible.
Jill is the ultimate professional. She is easy to work with and definitely listens to her clients and what they want out of a project. I enjoy working with her and the team at Omni and definitely plan using Omni and Jill in the future!
Mikal Sutton, Government Affairs Manager
I have had the pleasure of working with Jill and the Omni Team on several design projects. Their work is always impressive, the designs creative and the marketing team professional. Jill and her team will take your vision into reality, I highly recommend them!
Al Gietl, Senior Account Executive

Our focus as the newly reimagined “Omni Ideas” is simple:

We build our clients’ businesses by building and nurturing their brands.

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