MDH Campaign

Even as a small rural critical care hospital in Havana, Illinois, Mason District is not out of the jurisdiction of the Affordable Care Act and the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). Part of the overhaul of the medical provider system is the update to the ICD10 – these are the codes that all providers

Inyart Branding

A wildly successful and long-time, national auto service brand franchisee decides to ‘go rogue’ in order to commit and contribute more visibly to his community. New name, new brand, new strategy.

MDH High 5 Program


As a small rural critical care hospital in Havana, Illinois, Mason District has a unique position of being a major economic force as well as the only medical facility in their market area. While that may seem like a marketing dream – big fish in a little pond and no competition – they still grappled

Inyart Tire and Auto Center

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The Big Picture After decades as a very successful and involved national autocare franchisee, our client made the decision to become a wholly independent auto and tire service center. There were two locations – each serving a different demographic population, one being mostly blue collar and the other more white collar/college town residents.

Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault

ICASA, along with the Illinois Imagines group - a coalition of various agencies and individuals that assist women with disabilities who have experienced sexual violence - worked with us to develop several programs, presentations, and teaching materials for Rape Crisis Centers and those working with the disabled to understand the signs, what to do if

Lumpkin Family Foundation Branding

The Lumpkin Family Foundation is a private philanthropic organization from the eastern Illinois region who wanted to embark on a redesign of some of their marketing materials, primarily their website, to better reflect the organization’s scope and impact in the communities they serve. But first they had a redesign of the current logo to a

MDH Poster

Mason District Hospital operates two family medicine clinics in their market area. Part of the brand development for this client was creating a vibrant and engaging advertising template to promote various programs throughout the year. In addition to departmental brochures, we standardized a style for print advertising for them.

Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln


The Big Picture A name change from Sangamon County Community Foundation to the broader Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln was the catalyst for a newer, better, bigger presence for this decades old community funding agency. As an organization, they provide a variety of grants including those that help underprivileged children, as well

Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies

This state agency was in need of an image upgrade following a strategic planning session identifying a new name and vision for the NFP group. They wanted to convey their role as advocate and supporter of other NFP agencies and state government units working to elevate the health, economic and educational standards of low-income residents

Illinois WorkNet

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The Big Picture The State of Illinois traditionally used numerous ‘unemployment offices’ scattered in each county to help the newly unemployed find work. It carried a very negative connotation and perception among the population and businesses. It also lacked connectivity with resources to help train dislocated workers for jobs that were needed in the