Project Description

The Big Picture

The Open Educational Resources program may be self-explanatory, but it suffers with a very formal name. It is literally an open source online community that shares information between educators to improve teaching, classroom outcomes and generally make the educational experience better for everyone. We needed to find a way to make educators want to use it from the first glance at the website.

Design Samples

The Big Question

How do you make a virtual resource library seem fun and engaging?

The Big Answer

Make it fun and engaging. Create an icon and program brand that will drive the website style so that users would not see it as another stodgy, boring or cumbersome information platform.

The Big Plan

  • Define what cultural icons represent wisdom and knowledge

  • Make the imagery more light-hearted and less programmatic

  • Oh, and, by the way, figure in to the brand that the site is an outgrowth of another state program – Illinois Shared Learning Environment

The Biggest Hurdle

Convincing our client’s cohorts that a cartoon style owl was representative of their mission, engaging to users, and a ‘wise’ choice for what the platform needed.

The Brand Image

The Brand Message

Those who value knowledge and are curious to learn more effective techniques for training and educating students can find valuable information at this site.

The Big Takeaway

Vowels and owls go well together. And, it’s okay to incorporate playful iconography in typically staid genres if done tastefully and with the right brand strategy. IT COMES DOWN TO ALWAYS DOING YOUR HOMEWORK ABOUT YOUR CLIENT’S CUSTOMER – CREATE A BRAND STORY IN A LANGUAGE THEY UNDERSTAND AND THAT IS MEANINGFUL AND ENGAGING TO THEM.