Project Description

The Big Picture

After decades as a very successful and involved national autocare franchisee, our client made the decision to become a wholly independent auto and tire service center. There were two locations – each serving a different demographic population, one being mostly blue collar and the other more white collar/college town residents.

The Big Question

Will we lose marketshare by changing the name and look of the stores? How much does a national brand matter to small rural communities?

The Big Answer

The owner of the franchise had always been extremely involved and committed to the community, sponsoring many youth programs and other local charities. He was well known in the business and residential circles, so using his name was actually a huge asset for this kind of radical change. The final brand design had elements that reflected a more retro-traditional style, incorporating a metallic visual and using bold fonts and color to communicate strength. These aspects worked well for the two diverse demographic audiences. People trust those that they know.

The Big Plan

  • Clearly communicate first-rate service, dedication, and reliability
  • Build on the existing, highly-regarded local reputation and name recognition of the client to show that, while the business name is new, the ownership isn’t
  • Convey a sense of high-quality standards and precision service
  • Promote how Inyart Tire & Auto will deliver safety and value to customers
  • Be distinctive, appropriate, memorable and versatile in form
  • Embody concepts of safety and top-notch service the Inyart team is known for

Design Samples

The Biggest Hurdle

Helping our client stay the course through the changeover process, which had to remain under the radar until his franchise agreement was canceled. And then it was go-time and many pieces of the marketing puzzle were implemented all at once! Recommended pairing with fast brand launch adrenalin: excessive amounts of Gevalia® French Roast coffee.

The Brand Image

The Brand Message

Safety is a key value for the client’s work product – everything they provide from tune-ups to tire repairs mean that their customers will travel home safely at the end of the day. This value is drilled into all staff and technicians as well.

I feel great about the change. Customers have been impressed; I’ve had compliments from the community – including suppliers and competitors. In the beginning I was cautiously optimistic that we could pull this off and either not give up business, or not give up very much. I’m pleased that we haven’t missed a lick. Sales are up – business has been strong and continues to grow! Inyart Tire & Auto Center was the right move and I’m convinced that it wouldn’t have turned out this way without the guidance
and support of Omni
John Inyart, Inyart Tire & Auto Center
Jill and her team delivered on all fronts. They created a brand-and convinced me that my name needed to be part of the brand. They created a logo and tagline that not only looked professional, but leaves the distinct impression that we have been around for years. They put me at ease and walked us though color schemes and signage for our buildings, point of purchase materials for inside the store as well as the customer/community communications that would announce the change.
John Inyart, Inyart Tire & Auto Center

The Big Takeaway

It takes a lot of courage and confidence to move from something as familiar and successful as a proven national brand name to your own banner. The decisiveness of the client and our own affinity for working with marketing-savvy business owners helped make this brand transition successful and accepted by current and new customers alike. Sales continue to steadily increase, and the client has reported that he still hears very positive feedback about the change. CHANGE IS A LITTLE BIT FRIGHTENING, BUT NEVER CHANGING MAKES YOU FRIGHTENINGLY IRRELEVANT.