Omni Communications Group Office, Springfield IllinoisThe southeast corner of the Old State Capitol Plaza in downtown Springfield, Illinois is the office location for Omni Communications Group.  The Omni building is historically significant because Abraham Lincoln wrote his presidential inaugural address in the upper levels of the building.  The recently renovated plaza is beautifully maintained year round and is conveniently located near the city’s government and business center and the downtown Abraham Lincoln historic attractions.  During the summer, vendors sell food on the plaza from carts and various “Artists on the Plaza” perform during the lunch hour for all the workers and tourists strolling and relaxing on the plaza.  It is a great place for the Omni staff to take a break and help find creative inspiration any time of year. 


Here is a look at the Old State Capitol Plaza in Springfield, Illinois on a typical summer afternoon with music provided by Tom Irwin and the Irwinites: