Aaron1Yesterday we bid a sad farewell to Aaron, who is leaving Omni after three years employment to go back to school in pursuit of a master’s degree in visual communications.  While we applaud his efforts to expand his knowledge of graphic design, we are left in the dark, literally and figuratively, by his departure.  Not only was Aaron an amazing designer and a darn nice person to work with, he was also well over six feet tall, a serious advantage when changing all the lightbulbs around the office way up in the recesses of our 30 foot ceiling.  He became a master at moving the outrageously heavy 20 foot ladder around the office and positioning it perfectly to reach all the burnt out bulbs.  We did have a nice going away lunch at Sammy’s Sports Bar yesterday, and presented Aaron with a custom designed t-shirt depicting the special memories we have of  him, things none of us will ever forget:  the huge ladder, lightbulbs, ferrets, a water bottle and sandwich, his character from the last Omni holiday card, Lincoln’s hat, his beloved hot dog, and the Omni logo he redesigned.  We feel very fortunate to have known him and had the chance to work with him, and all at Omni wish him the very best with all his future endeavors.  Following is the design from Aaron’s custom-made t-shirt.