Barack Obama Springfield Illinois February 2007It’s been an eventful week at the Omni Communications Group office as the city of Springfield, Illinois prepares for Barack Obama’s visit and announcement of his vice presidential running mate on Saturday, August 23, 2008.  The Omni office is located on the southeast corner of the Old State Capitol Plaza in Springfield, Illinois and offers the perfect view out the front office windows to the exact location where Barack Obama will give his speech (assuming the weather cooperates with the plan).  Yesterday the Omni office received visits from the Police as well as sharp shooters, all asking questions and staking out the grounds to plan for the big event.  (Sharp shooters in the Omni office!!!  How often does that happen?)  We’re told the secret service and the FBI may stop by as well.  It is unbelievable the amount of planning and work that is going into Barack Obama’s visit to Springfield, Illinois.  Sounds like Saturday is going to be a crazy day in downtown Springfield, and the Omni office is located at the eye of the storm.

A note after the event:  the view from the Omni office was in fact so good that the press platform was placed right in front of Omni’s windows!  Also a fence was built in front of all the businesses on the south side of the plaza prior to the event.  Turns out the Omni windows were not the best view, here is a look out the Omni windows courtesy of Aaron from Omni, who was brave enough to face the crowd and the elements for the historic event!

Obama Springfield IL Aug 23, 2008 view from Omni window