Jill and Pepe Le PewOn June 30 the staff from Omni visited Six Flags in St. Louis for our long overdue team building exercise/fun day.  Together we rode six roller coasters and other extreme rides (see video below), sampled excellent summer park food, and met some characters even more interesting than ourselves!  Overall it was a great day and successful in recharging our creative batteries.  The team building portion of the exercise consisted primarily of the thrill seekers in the group convincing the others to ride the coasters.   For those who may be considering a trip to Six Flags in the near future, here are Omni’s ratings for the six roller coasters that we had the pleasure of riding:

Omni staff with some real characters

1) Batman – our favorite of the day, very smooth and extremely fun with lots of upside-down loops and curves, we had to ride this one a second time

2) Mr. Freeze – like being shot out of a cannon from the start, extremely fast and over quickly (30 – 45 seconds?), and strange sensation of going backwards, not for the faint of heart, thrill seekers will love this one like we did

3) Evel Knievel – new and pretty good for a wooden coaster, not too jerky and a nice long ride

4) Tony Hawk’s Big Spin – deceptive little coaster lulls you into a sense of security, but forward momentum combined with constant 360 degree spinning throws you for a loop.  We had a casualty on this one with a pulled neck muscle, but overall the group liked it!

5) Ninja – we came, we saw, we conquered, it was fine and fairly smooth

6) The Boss – least favorite of the day, a brain rattler, extremely jerky and so long you are praying for it to be over long before it actually ends and left feeling like you’ve been in a car accident and suffered whiplash

Corndogs at Six Flags!