After 19 years in the marketing business, we like to think we are a pretty progressive marketing firm that has kept up with the industry and trends.  However, we try to be pretty selective about what trend we fall in line with: we aren’t rabid Justin Beiber fans, (sorry!) we have so far avoided being lured into watching Jersey Shore marathons, and have just said ‘no’ to Lady Gaga-inspired footwear.

However, the universal business trend of ‘remote offic-ing’ is one we decided to try out for ourselves. If it’s effective for mega-companies like Microsoft and Apple, we decided it would be good for us as well.

Technology has allowed our creative resources to expand geographic boundaries along with the marketing industry in general, so allowing our team members to work remotely is just the next step in providing more flexibility and more creative freedom. One day that actually might be one of us working from the beach!

Our address is changing, but that’s really about it. Our services are the same, and so is our capacity to provide effective marketing solutions you need to promote and grow your organization. You can still reach us at the same phone, email, website, Face Book … you get the idea. We look forward to working on more great marketing ideas for great companies!

So, be sure to update your contact list with our new mailing address. Of course, if anyone forgets and stops by the old downtown office, make the trip worthwhile. There are a dozen great spots downtown to shop, grab some great food or cup of coffee!