lifesaverOne of my new marketing colleagues, Steve Dilley (a motion graphics designer) recently sent me a link for a video that showcased a young (well, young by my terms) designer from Poland who has made incredible changes in the communications field in eastern Europe. Jacek Utko is a Polish newspaper designer whose revamping of newspapers in Eastern Europe  have not only won world renown and awards, but have also helped increase circulation of those publications up to 100%. His discussion is “Can good design save the newspaper?”

Jacek has transformed boring, unread newspapers in the former Eastern bloc, by the redesign and re-thinking of the content. These papers have achieved STELLAR increases in circulation (translation: more money).

Design saving a media tool? Design saving a business industry many have said is beyond saving? In Bulgaria, Estonia, and Poland? Something to ponder – how smart strategic marketing and design is changing the fortunes (literally) of business. We hear a lot lately about major newspapers failing in the U.S.  Just wonder what would change if really innovative and smart design with marketing entered into the prescription.

“Design coherent with strategy and content can be used as a tool to completely change the product, the process…” Wise words from Utko.

Utko notes that design was only PART of the process. He explained how he borrowed from Architecture regarding how form and function make a strategy (hey, there’s that ‘strategy’ word again!). The story itself is worth watching – it is inspirational if nothing else.