women of design cover

Stumbled upon this latest find today, thought I’d share this fascinating new book…

Influence and Inspiration, From the Original Trailblazers to the New Groundbreakers

“The immense body of work produced by graphic designers around the world is astoundingly varied, rich and widely celebrated. Yet in publications, conferences and other public realms, women designers tend to be outnumbered by their male counterparts whose appearances, work and achievements are constantly in the spotlight. Luckily, it’s a reversing trend. While this book does not attempt to relieve the imbalance, it does bring full attention to the wonderful work, careers and contributions of women designers, writers, teachers and entrepreneurs around the world.”

For more, you can visit www.underconsideration.com/womenofdesign, here you can see a list of the women included in this book, and even view spreads inside the book.

Some Early Opinions
This book about women in design turns out to be a great book about design, period, except with fresher, more surprising work, and less bombastic interviews. Highly recommended to 100% of the population.
— Michael Bierut, Partner, Pentagram

This modern matriarchy has given birth to practically every important visual and conceptual form of design expression. I remain humbled and indebted to these many courageous visionaries.
— Rick Valicenti, Designer & Founder, Thirst