Let’s face it, most of us can easily pick out the bad ones, but when reviewing these top print ads from the Cannes 2013 Awards, it’s pretty hard to determine what should have been voted the top award!

IMG_2753Omni’s very own Boots the Cat identified strongly with the Whiskas ad, but I leaned more to the IKEA ad – I suppose because it is a little bit mind-bending but still communicated their sales message.

Check out the top ads awarded at Cannes this year, and then take a look at the last one for Expedia – the author of the article (and numerous other nay-sayers) felt this should have won the top award, not Apple’s mini iPad campaign.

The bottom line for me was that each of these 15 ads communicated a unique selling proposition for their brand – and at the end of the day (and the awards ceremony), that’s what really counts.

What would you have voted for?