Rebloging a blog is a faux pas, but let’s be honest…amateur bloggers struggle to write groundbreaking blog content!  Unless of course the author is professional blogger, brilliant writer,  journalist, social media guru…kindergarten student, newborn kitten, or perhaps even a stick make of wood.

Basically, it seems there is so much to write about, blogging should be easy, right? Wrong!

A lot of folks that suffer from bloggers-block and I’m one of them!

As I grappled with my own blog assignment,  I decided to do a quick fix list featuring 7 of my favorite blogs filled with news, marketing trends, information, tips and inspiration. I call these my Lucky #7!  I feel so fortunate to have found these blogs, I have to share!

So here goes…





DailyBlogTips – The name says it all! Here you’ll find advice on every aspect of blogging, technical tips, writing advice and whole lot more.

Chris Ducker (RSS) – This guy is AMAZING! Entrepreneurs and small business owners will appreciate his ‘New Business’ marketing strategies including blogging, podcasting, social media, outsourcing and more!

SuccessWorks Powerful SEO Copywriting – Since 1998, Healther Lloyd-Martin has helped companies master the latest SEO content strategies and make more money. She’s BRILLIANT! What else do you need to know?~!?

GetResponse – This E-mail marketing tips blog is BOMB! I love everything about it…the navigation, the content, the graphics…oh, siiiigh (with delight). It’s just fabulous!

HyperArts – This blog includes information about  SEO, social media, web design, word press and more. It’s great…their work is impressive! See for yourself! – This beautiful blog is PACKED full of information featuring the latest and greatest on SEO news, trends, tips, to-do’s and more.’s  mission is to advance the visibility and profitability of their client’s websites and brands. We believe them…and we appreciate their unselfish approach.

Business 2 Community  – An inside look at business news and trends focusing on Marketing, Strategy, Leadership, Branding, Public Relations, Technology, Social Media, Mobility, Media and Entertainment.

I hope you find these incredible gifts to be useful to your business!


–Laura A. Nestler


About The Author

Laura Nestler, Marketing Specialist

Laura Nestler, E.V.P.
Omni Communications Group, Inc.


Laura A. Nestler is the Executive Vice President at Omni Communications Group, Inc. of Springfield, Illinois.  Her professional goals are to help new and existing clients achieve their organizational goals — to create interest in their products and services, and to help them sell, win, grow… and become more profitable.

Specialties Include: Innovative Marketing Concept Development, Communication Strategy Planning, Non-Traditional Marketing and Communications, Relationship Marketing, Strategic Planning, Brand Development, Advertising, Public Relations, Internal and External Marketing, Internal Sales Strategies, Event Planning, Website Development, Social Media Management, Networking, Fundraising, Public Speaking and more.