HiResThis is not my headline, but I wish it were. It’s certainly what we believe branding is all about. It’s a quote from leading agency, J. Walter Thompson, at the “From Ads to Experiences” discussion at Ad Age’s Digital Conference this past March. Experts on the panel talked about how important the consumer experience is in telling your company’s brand story.

Insights into consumer behavior and understanding what drives them – what they want to learn about – is critical to driving brand loyalty. Give them a context for engaging with your brand. Too often, advertisers at all levels go for the easy “sell talk” and don’t engage the audience in any meaningful way.

It’s the difference between a bad movie and a good one: when you can truly suspend disbelief to feel you are a part of a story, it stays with you, gets you thinking, and in the case of advertising, can cause you to take action.

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