TRUTH IN ADVERTISING ALERT – You are about to read a blatant promotional message. This is your only warning.

I went to a Good Works Connect workshop today and learned from master storyteller (and presenter), Josh Hester of Storyteller Studios about… you guessed it! Storytelling!

This workshop was specifically designed to teach non-profits how to write their own ‘stories’ to compel people to support their effort. I attended the workshop as a Board Member for Bright Star Equestrian Centre, a non-profit that helps children with disabilities find new skills and new hope as they interact with horses.

But the lessons I learned from Josh are applicable for ANY business to use as they develop their own messaging.

I love to learn, and I also love when I meet someone who just GETS IT. There is not anything necessarily radical about Josh’s info, but it is so SIMPLE and easy to implement.

I’ve told clients for years that they have to see their brand as a story to tell. But Josh gave this goal a framework and presented it in a way that is immediately understandable and usable. I’m not going to give away his step by step process – you’ll have to contact him yourself for that – but just know there is a little Star Wars, Hunger Games and Adam Sandler involved.

Okay, okay, I’ll give you a ONE tidbit: In all good stories there is a Hero, a Conflict, a Guide, a Plan, and a Resolution. And that’s all you’ll get out of me.