STEP 1: Figure out what you are actually selling, which is not your product or service, but the end experience your customer gets when they interact with or buy your product or service.

STEP 2: Define what you do differently from your competition – and you’re forbidden to use the words ‘quality’ or ‘great service’.

STEP 3: Write out a sentence that puts that all together in plain English. From there you tidy up the sentence to create your brand message!


Want to see how this works in the real advertising world? Click the YouTube link.

ServPro provides commercial and residential disaster clean up.  But that’s not what their customers are buying. Their marketing story clearly does each of these things:

[1] defines the experience their customers can expect,

[2] implies that ServPro is the only one that understands exactly what the customer wants: their home quickly back to the way it was before the flood/fire/storm,

[3] ServPro gets you back in your house fast, and as awful as the disaster may have been, things will be so clean and back to normal that it’s like none of it even happened.

“ServPro: Like It Never Even Happened.”