Chasing-the-Dream-000077027717_SmallMy original Omni Ideas launch post was about how Omni Communications Group has evolved over the years and how our recent “re-imagining” places us into a new business niche. That is all still relevant, but I thought I would start out this new/old venture with a little more transparency and humility.

This is a blog about reinvention.

This is about choosing what you love over what you earn. About persevering. About looking hard at what is important and what is not. About making choices that go against the grain of conventional wisdom.

When Omni first started, it was with the gleam of youthful exuberance and blissful (a/k/a “total”) ignorance of how much startups require of your mind, body and soul. At one point we were happy to be a small ad agency of three, maybe four at the most (because that’s all the room we had in our tiny office). Then success came, and with it, visions of being bigger, better, doing more. And we did get bigger, and we added a lot of clients and staff; but were things really ‘better’? Not really. Just bigger.HiRes_300x300

Up until a few years ago, I always felt like I was sustaining someone else’s company. Even though I had been there from the start, it never felt like my imprint was on it. This was one of those nagging things that would bubble up every so often. After spending more years playing the “bigger is better” game, I realized this was not at all what I wanted for my life. Not the marketing part – I loved that! It was the constant dance of having no time, needing to hire more people to help alleviate my lack of time, and gaining more new business but never getting around to hiring more people. No time, ya’ know.

Then we had the landslide of the economic downturn, which had a severe and long-lasting affect on our clients, and on Omni. Time to reinvent! We adjusted to diminishing budgets and went virtual. That meant trimming overhead (sorry, I still have a hard time saying what that really meant – layoffs of really, really great people), and changing our office view from our highly visible, hipster-loving downtown space on the Plaza, to working from our home studios with a dog or two at our feet and fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen.

As an ad agency, Omni Communications Group grew shrunk, rebooted, downsized, upsized, upgraded and updated. And, yet, I continued operating under the myth that we had to grow, grow, grow. Standard business philosophy ingrains this concept into business owners, but I still felt like this wasn’t exactly the glass slipper fitting my foot.

Prince Charming came calling in the form of a new idea, not a new pair of shoes.

HiRes_300x300Early this year, after some soul-searching, prayer and self-reflection, it occurred that my truth was that I actually preferred having the company small so I could actually focus on the work more and on growing the client list less. And I loved a specific aspect of marketing, as did Jessie, Omni’s Creative Director. Branding. It’s just. that. simple.

Look at what you love to do, and change the game instead of letting it change you.

And now for the official launch announcement! Omni Ideas is a branding studio that aspires to keep things simple and focused. We are selective about our clients, protective of our talent and time, and relentless about the pursuit of branding knowledge and building better brands for our clients.

So, it is with great excitement and pride that we unveil to the world – or at least our little corner of it – the newly re-imagined OMNI IDEAS, A Branding Studio!