thWordPress is the most popular blogging tool available on the web at this time. But more and more corporate and small business websites are being transformed by using WordPress as their web platform. This may seem like a strange choice – but ultimately, it can be a very wise decision for business professionals.

The main reason for this shift is not the ability to blog, but because of the very powerful Content Management System (CMS) that works behind the scene of every WordPress site to make editing and updating a website very manageable to non-web people. In fact, you may choose to not blog at all, but instead have a standard website and still choose to use WordPress because of its functionality.

When adding content to a regular website, you have to either edit confusing HTML, (which reads like a foreign language to someone without HTML code training), or purchase expensive HTML editing software. This isn’t an option for many businesses and ultimately leads to websites that are out of date or are poorly designed.

With the WordPress CMS system, anyone can easily make changes by simply logging onto the website and using the built-in editing tools that have the functionality of Microsoft Office. No more contacting your web team to make a simple text change – you can do it yourself by simply logging on to your site!

Another reason to consider a WordPress site is the ability to incorporate any of the thousands of free or inexpensive extensions already created for use by WordPress users. Looking to have a calendar, contact form or photo gallery added to your site? Easy! The only challenge you’ll have is deciding which of the hundreds of options works best for you. You simply install the solution and start using it.

Have a website that doesn’t get recognized by search engines? That is also fixed through WordPress. You merely make a few tweaks to form fields provided for you in the CMS system and it automatically ‘pings’ Google and other leading search engines each time a change is made to the site.

For those wanting to avoid the hassle and time to developing a well-designed and functioning site, using a professional web designer can help you get things started. With only about 30 minutes of training for backend administration, you can be editing and updating your site with ease!

Even at Omni, we have found WordPress to be a great solution for clients who don’t have the budget for a customized CMS platform, but need to be able to handle updates in-house. We have several new client websites in the works at this time and invite you to check back regularly to see how we are making WordPress even easier.

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