Music helps the Creative Team stay creative.

The Creative Team at Omni work on many projects, and sometimes it’s tough to stay creative.  However, we all use various techniques to stay on top of our game.  One thing that we all use is music.  There is a great article on How Magazine’s website about the benefits of music in the creative environment.?

 The article highlights a few different companies that use music to their advantage and provides great insight into how music influences them, like this quote from John Besemer of Planet Design Co. in Madison, WI:

“If you’re working on a project that’s elegant and beautiful, you might listen to something like jazz, something that puts you in that mood,…But if you’re designing an in-your-face project, you want music that gets you there. After all, you wouldn’t go to the gym and want to work out to a lullaby, right? Music shapes the message.”

Read the Article.

Another way to keep things fun is to take a few minutes each day to find an interesting/awesome video on YouTube and share it with everyone. This is one of my favorites: