In the past few months, Omni has been working on several rebranding projects. Rebranding is an exciting time for companies, and we enjoy experiencing that excitement with our clients. But a lot more goes into creating a logo than just a bit of art and type. A successful logo is the most important representation of your company, and gives an instant message to your potential customers, either drawing them to you or pushing them away. So how does one decide on a brand identity that sends the right message?

Below is a list of things to consider when deciding on a new corporate image:

Does the new brand stand out among the competition? Will the clientele be drawn to your company as opposed to the competition?

Does the new logo make sense? Yes, it might stand out from the competition but if it doesn’t send a clear message to your clientele, they may be drawn to competitors.

Will the logo stand the test of time? Think clean and simple – they never go out of style.

Does the brand have room to grow? If you were to add a new product, are their ways to tie that product into the original brand?

Does the logo appeal to your target audience? Know your customers and decide on a logo that is likable to them. For instance, a high-tech logo may not appeal to a low-tech crowd and might be intimidating.

Do a little research. What are other companies similar to yours doing that works? Know your competition and others in the same market elsewhere. Learn about other company logo successes and mishaps.

A great article featuring big rebranding projects is

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