logoNeed a little inspiration on this Monday?  Then turn over to Facebook.  

Facebook personal pages don’t have to be dull to look at.  The following Facebook users got creative by connecting their profile photo and their cover photos.

No dreary Facebook profile here!  The effect of raindrops on this page is a fun mix of flat illustration mixing with a nice photo. 


Turning the wall into a work of art gave this profile a sketchy artistic look.


This simple use of photography gives a sense of personality.


This profile offers a great play on the square photo used in the profile while also a feeling of movement.


This Facebook user definitely draws our attention through the use of the dinosaur.  Very creative (and SCARY).


I love this one.  This is a great use of 2 photographs to create an illusion of the water pouring. 


The effect on this page is simply “mind blowing”. 


Like the dinosaur example used above, this Facebook profile takes two unrelated photos and gives them a dramatic combination. 


This example is much simpler than some of the previous versions.  The artistic use of text connecting cleanly into the profile is creative yet inspirational.


This is a great example of pulling the logo into the profile photo so that it feels less like the simple construction of Facebook and more original.  (Plus the logo is a fun mirror of the photograph in the cover art.)


So before you update your Facebook wall with new photos, think of how you can create a work of art by combining the profile and the cover art.

Have others that you have seen that are similar or BETTER than the examples I posted, I would love to see them!  Link to them in this post! Happy hunting!