I know it’s a bit weird, but I actually get a little sad after we finish a branding project for a client. I mean don’t get me wrong – I’m super happy about the end result, I’m excited at how excited our clients are to try on their new brand and wear it proudly.

It’s kind of like the feeling when you watch your baby girl dress up for prom and then leave you standing on the porch with your camera dangling as some boy drives off with her to the dance. Okay, okay, so your baby girl is actually 17, but still. It’s WEIRD.

There is so much researching and talking and diving into a client’s business that happens as part of uncovering that brilliant brand story, and then…. it’s over.  At least our part is over. Next thing you know they’re hopping into that sleek sport car and driving off. We have to wave bravely and let the client take off on their own.

Since Omni Ideas transformed from a full-fledged ad agency to a branding studio last year, we no longer hold tightly to our little family of clients once the branding program is well in place. We have to see them with new eyes, just like their customers will, and know that the true branding message they have now will lift them to new levels of confidence and success. I’m proud of the clients we have helped, and I am proud of the work we’ve done, but sometimes, I wish it just lasted a little bit longer…

But I promise I will NEVER say to them “My, how you’ve grown!”, tempting as that may be.