Feeling unmotivated this Monday? Take a look at the 20 Most-Watched Ads ever on YouTube

Thanks to AdWeek for putting together this little feature of "The 20 Most-Watched

The Most Powerful Branding Colors on the Internet!

Branding on your mind?! Check out this great infographic of The Most Powerful

“Aspire to be the Dumbest Person in the Room” Really? Really!

Today I stumbled upon a blog post from How Blog, that shares insights

QR Codes. RIP or Next Big Thing?

Posing a question about usability and benefit of QR Codes for advertising. Check

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What’s Old is New – Social Media Back In The Golden Age of Advertising

Really interesting Harvard Business Review article showing how the basic premise of social

How Cool Is Skyline® !

I had to share with the world how much I love Skyline Exhibits

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Gotta Love it…the “Ad of the Day: McDonald’s”

It's also cutesy, and a self-congratulatory homage to DDB's famous "Lemon" ad for Volkswagen—which itself wasn't too complimentary toward lemons.

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Omni Communications Group Welcomes Mason District Hospital

Our full service marketing and communications firm, is pleased to welcome a new

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