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Anticipated Trends in Social Media for 2015

What Channels are most likely to increase in popularity? Instagram: This is probably

5 Tips for Companies to Appeal to Millennials on Social Media

When I got the opportunity to be Omni’s first ever guest blogger, I

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Rebloging a blog is a faux pas, but let's be honest...amateur bloggers struggle to write groundbreaking

Social Media Faves

A recent study shared on Mashable by Statista explains what many marketers intuitively

Celebrating “Take a Chance Day” – A Day In Advance

Although many of these exciting dates have passed, you will all be glad to know you haven't missed out on "Pin in a Blanket Day", "World Penguin Day" or "Hairstyle Appreciation Day" (my personal favorite).

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Gotta Love “101 Fabulous Blog Topic Ideas”

Laura Nestler finds inspiration While I was feeling  uninspired and simultaneously

Best Superbowl 2014 Ad – Agree or Disagree?

Ad Age magazine shared its annual review of the Superbowl ads last week.


With what some days seems like hundreds of e-mags and marketing news emails

Talk about a Viral Sensation! Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” Campaign

Ok, if you haven't seen it already, Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign has

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Honda Drives Home Great Social Media Campaign

Many businesses are figuring out how to capitalize using all the social media

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