Keep Your Face in the Place

These were the wise words from a respected boss years ago. He was

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Marketing #1 Rule: Be True To Who You Are

Whether you like the Denny's brand or not, you have to give them credit for focusing in on what they do well, and being true to their unique value proposition.

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Rethinking Marketing Measurements For Social Media

A recent article questioned whether social media is producing business leads. It has

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What To Do While Waiting For The Economic Turnaround

I came across a phrase recently that caused some professional self-reflection:  "Don't waste

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Ideas That Move Your Business Forward – Omni

New Omni print advertising: ideas that move your business forward - web design,

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The Stables on Horse Farm Road Website Design

Omni has had the pleasure of working with The Stables on Horse Farm

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Social Media Article In Springfield Business Journal

Here is an interesting social media article from the February 2010 issue of

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Rantings on Super Bowl “Super Bad” Advertising

I am among those who watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. (Sorry

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When Marketing Messages Go Bad

Basic marketing lessons never go out of style; like knowing what your message

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