Attn at you social media gurus, ninja’s & wizzards, check it; Adweek’s Erin Griffith’s top Social Media Trends for 2012

What's in store for 2012 in the way of Social Media?! Whether it's

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Looking for some Creative Inspiration? Or just looking to kill some time?!

Check out All Creative World, this inspiring and informative online story aggregator features

Encouraging a Creative Work Culture . . . what strategies do you use to recharge creativity?

Check out this inspiring article from Sharon Fisher, at HOW Design, on how

Figuring Out F-Commerce

A few weeks ago, Social Commerce Today published an article about Taco Bell's

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What’s Old is New – Social Media Back In The Golden Age of Advertising

Really interesting Harvard Business Review article showing how the basic premise of social

Social Media – A Tool for Marketing or A Whole New Category?

I have noticed an uptick in some of the marketing forums I review,

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Digital Coupon Marketing Trends Among Online Users

Check out this interesting write up from eMarketer, on the effects of the

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Daily Inspiration – Check out The Cool Hunter!

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Check out The Cool Hunter for a little daily

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Traditional + Social Media = Reality

For most of recent memory, panic about advertisers leaving the stalwart network and

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A little creativity goes a long way.

A friend sent these to me and they feature European product bags. I

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