Celebrity Brand Managers and Creative Directors?

Yes, it's true. You may have recently noticed the trend in celebrity A-listers

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Is MySpace making a come back?!

I must say, the new MySpace design is gorgeous! But is it enough

Final Thoughts About Ogilvy’s Sage Advice

David Ogilvy was known for saying he was not a good

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Seems A Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words

Interesting article on how we have moved from the "early days" of blog

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More Wise Advice From the “Original Mad Man”, David Ogilvy

As a follow up to last week's post about David Ogilvy's "How to

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Feeling unmotivated this Monday? Take a look at the 20 Most-Watched Ads ever on YouTube

Thanks to AdWeek for putting together this little feature of "The 20 Most-Watched

Interesting Visualization of the Evolution of the Web!

Do you know your WWW history? Even if you think you do, this

The Most Powerful Branding Colors on the Internet!

Branding on your mind?! Check out this great infographic of The Most Powerful

What Do You Really Think of Search Engine Filtering?

This is a provocative video presenting a different view of the

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“Aspire to be the Dumbest Person in the Room” Really? Really!

Today I stumbled upon a blog post from How Blog, that shares insights