Foreseeable: verb (used with object), foresaw, foreseen, foreseeing. 1. to have prescience of; to know in advance; foreknow. 2. to see beforehand.

Disaster: noun, an event or fact that has unfortunate consequences


Put them together and you get: tronc. That is not a typo. That, my friends, is the new brand name of the Chicago Trib online content product. If you didn’t catch the article, here is my synopsis:

The Client (Chicago Tribune) paid a (presumably) large amount of money to a Company (as of yet, none has claimed responsibility) to create a brand for their online content product. Hence the birthing of “tronc” – get it? TRibune ONline Content”.  It gets worse.  Apparently there are many companies out there on that information superhighway with derivations of said name on every social media channel. Yikes.

Which is only overshadowed by the next part of this re-branding debacle: someone forgot to check whether the name was already taken on social media channels. Although to the agency’s credit, who could possibly imagine it to be so popular?

In any case, this is not even a “Corporate Internet 101” situation as the Washington Post describes it; it’s about the most basic of tenets of common sense, right up there with getting out of bed feet first instead of headfirst in the morning.

So, in case anyone from the Trib is reading this and needs to have this nightmare turned around, hey, just ‘holla’.  We’ve never come up with a name as quite like “tronc”, but we’ve done pretty well at helping companies in all industries figure out their branding.  We also have access to this AMAZING online tool called Google® that can be used to search for cat videos and even look for things like, oh, brand names you might be thinking about using. We won’t even charge you the arm and leg you probably paid for this disaster.

So here’s the takeaway for anyone reading this: Anyone creating a new brand should of course have legal counsel provide due diligence searches and register it, but even the most basic of searches will give some insight as to the recommended brand’s availability.

PS: Tronc informed the W.P. that they are now the owners of @tronc; so at least someone has a happy ending, as the former owner of “@tronc” is likely enjoying a pretty nice payout for selling their twitter name. And, with all the industry buzz about this, “tronc” is actually trending a little bit. File that under the “any publicity is good publicity”, I suppose.