Storytelling for Life and Business

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TRUTH IN ADVERTISING ALERT - You are about to read a blatant promotional message. This is your only warning. I went to a Good Works Connect workshop

“Consumers Don’t Want to be Sold Things; They Want to Enjoy Content”

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This is not my headline, but I wish it were. It's certainly what we believe branding is all about. It's a quote from leading agency, J. Walter

The Times (and me!), They Are A-Changing.

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The challenges of being in the marketing business now are so drastically different from what I remember when we started Omni over 25 years ago. Back then,

Small Business and The Art of Reinvention

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My original Omni Ideas launch post was about how Omni Communications Group has evolved over the years and how our recent “re-imagining” places us into a new

Anticipated Trends in Social Media for 2015

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What Channels are most likely to increase in popularity? Instagram: This is probably going to be the social media platform that gains the most popularity in 2015.

A NEW look for your Facebook!

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Need a little inspiration on this Monday?  Then turn over to Facebook.   Facebook personal pages don’t have to be dull to look at.  The following Facebook