Business LearningThe challenges of being in the marketing business now are so drastically different from what I remember when we started Omni over 25 years ago.

Back then, time seemed to be the biggest challenge – or rather the lack of it. I was raising a young daughter, trying to balance motherhood, marriage and marketing and feeling like I came up short on most days.

Now I have a (nearly) grown up and gone from the nest daughter, lots of time, and a very different business focus than what drove us to start Omni in the first place! Omni has moved from full-service “all things marketing and advertising for everyone” to niche-building in the brand development arena for a few choice businesses. It’s meant a total reboot and redirect of how I think, work and see my role.

As a Type A+ personality, the challenge I find now, is to enjoy the much longer and slower process of brand strategy development over the fleeting and temporary joy of being a multi-tasker with lots of things checked off my to-do list. (sigh, admit it you fellow Type A’s, nothing beats a nice crossed off task list!) While “research trends in organizational dynamics” is a one-liner on my list, it takes a much longer time to do than a 30-minute time block might allow. So, I am learning to ignore the temptation of setting blocks of time that don’t allow me to explore and learn. And trying to enjoy it along the way.

Do other business owners find they are having to change some outdated or no longer useful ways of managing their work day? How are you doing with that? I’d love to hear how others have worked this out.