With the primary elections taking place this month, I thought it would be fun to look at a few creative campaign advertisements throughout history that are different from the political ads we typically see today.

The first 2 commercials are some of the oldest campaign videos – but are two of my personal favorites. Both use catchy jingles which I can imagine would be replayed over and over in the voter’s head, and cute cartoon animations that are light and happy – a bit of a change from today’s negative advertisements.


Ike for President (Eisenhower, 1952)

Jingle (Kennedy, 1960)


Playing off the public’s fears isn’t a new approach as clearly shown in this early ad. The contrast between the sweet little girl and the nuclear blasts is pretty creepy. Not something you would quickly forget.


Peace Little Girl (Daisy) (Johnson, 1964)


Simple advertising is always an approach that gets noticed. This ad for former President Nixon uses child toys to demonstrate a big issue.


McGovern Defense (Nixon, 1972)


The following ad is another ad that varies from the usual political ads. The national geographic feel would definitely have been noticed during the election season.


Bear (Reagan. 1984)