Omni Ideas is an unashamedly small design and branding studio that has been quietly creating, restoring and reimagining our client’s brands since the good ol’ days of the ‘90’s. We share a passion for our craft, our clients and personal growth.

We believe if you look close enough, every brand has something special to say. Something so compelling that it can’t be ignored. It is our passion to get to the heart of your brand and help you reveal it.

“So, tell me – what does
your company do?”

Every organization has a story to tell. That’s all your brand is – your story. And every potential customer is moved to action one way or another by that story. So, are YOU framing your story, or is your competition doing it for you?

Losing Market share?

We bring our objective perspective to the playing field to see things through your customer’s lens, identifying strengths and areas to improve.

Battling Fierce Competition?

Omni Ideas will help you zero in on the messages that define you and influence your customers.

Got the Business Blahs?

We’ll work with you to define real-world action steps to energize and ignite your brand and your team.
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Get To Know Us.

Jill Schuller-Kinnett
Jill Schuller-KinnettBrand Strategist
You can see that Jessie and I love our ‘babies’. Mine is a tiny bit older than hers – some days I feel like my little girl is just dressing up and play-acting because, seriously, how in the world does anyone go from age 4 to 20 that fast? A diabolical time warp has transformed us from playing Barbie’s to discussing the strategy behind the Barbie® brand. Transformations seem to be my motto – in life and in business.

And being in the business of ‘brand transformation’, we get the up-close perspective and awesome responsibility to create, renovate and nurture our client’s brands. What unites our clients is not their industry – as you can see from our ‘potpourri’ portfolio – it’s their intentional focus on being ready to dive in and make a change! We love working with organizations that are open to discovering who they are and who they are not, and who see us as partners in that process.

“Having been part of Omni since our humble beginnings, I’ve learned so much about so many businesses and organizations that impact lives in obvious and not-so-obvious ways.

Where some may find boredom in learning what happens behind the scenes at industrial complexes, I find it fascinating! Maybe it’s my Dad’s Caterpillar® genetics flowing through to me – show me a new piece of automated machinery and I am set for the day!” – Jill

Boot Connoisseur 93%
Avoider of Rotating Doors 86%
HGTV Junkie 79%
Jessie Betz
Jessie BetzBrand Designer
In short, I’m an insanely dedicated boy-mom, goofy wife, family girl, tireless homeless-pet adoption advocate, master-diy-er, country living, Starbucks addict, semi-outdoors-(wo)man, amateur photographer, visual communications enthusiast AND an incredibly driven illustrator, art director, web and graphic designer (whew, and out of breath)! I’m in this business because I love making things – logos, posters, websites, brand guidelines, people happy. I can’t help but pour my heart into them, and I think that resonates through my craft.

I wake up excited to get to work (I know right?) and I go to bed wishing I did more. I’m thankful to be able to call this thing I do, “my job”. I’m an emotional visual storyteller, who believes in the power of soulful brand development. And am genuinely honored to be a part of branding businesses and organizations in the town I grew up in.

“I’ve spent 10+ years building brands of all shapes/sizes after receiving a BFA in Visual Communications, from the Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago. My past experiences include a more traditional, large, Chicago agency background doing Production Coordinating & Art Direction for national accounts including Disney, Visa, Gerber, & Jim Beam to name a few. In keeping with that trend, at Omni – I love that we don’t focus on just one type of client industry & that I get to continually learn & grow in this rapidly-evolving industry.

I really enjoy the different challenges I face everyday – creatively, conceptually & technically. It really is impossible to get bored when you enjoy what what you’re doing as much as I do!” – Jessie

Pinterest Junkie 96%
Boy Mom 100%
Typography Nerd 85%
“Jill and the entire Omni team have produced excellent products and they are always completed on time! Jill leads the Omni team in a very organized manner and is very responsive to the clients needs. I have been very happy with our ongoing relationship with Omni and look forward to continuing to use their services for future marketing and design projects.”
Sarah Mackey, Nonprofit Professional & Trainer
“Jessica’s combination of creative ability and organizational skill is rare in the advertising world. She makes print production flow effortlessly due to her careful attention to small details.”

Along with all of the unique things each of us bring to the table as individuals, one thing we both have in common is that we’re driven by our passion for our clients and that thing we do.

A little more about who we are, and who we aren’t.

The communications business is really, really interesting, but luckily not nearly as dramatic as various TV series may have you believe.

A Humble Abode

There is no super-retro chic Mad Men® office to visit, afternoon martini’s being poured, nor will we bore you with the urge to share a huge laundry list of awards we’ve won from industry groups you’ve never heard of. We prefer to be quiet and unassuming in the big pond of branding agencies, choosing to hand pick our clients and carefully consider what will be a win-win partnership.

A Studio by Choice

We like being small. It lets us leverage flexibility, nimbleness and create fresh ideas that focus on our client’s needs. We easily shift and share roles based on our client’s best interest.

People Who Earn Your Trust

Our size makes us efficient and conscious of your bottom line. You don’t have an endless budget. We’re a small business too – we get it. Contrary to the pop culture cliché – it actually IS about working harder AND smarter.

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We’re looking forward to collaborating with you

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