Omni Ideas is a branding studio that specializes in creative brand identity strategies and campaigns for small and medium sized organizations.

“The brands that win are the brands that tell a story. Facts tell, stories sell.”- Ian Rhodes, master storyteller

We started in 1991 as a small start-up ad agency partnership – Omni Communications Group – and incorporated our business in 1992. Omni Ideas is a d/b/a of Omni Communications Group, Inc. As we built up our reputation for smart communication solutions, we did what seemed natural, and added clients and staff. And overhead. And layers of management. Over time, we saw our focus shifting from our client’s projects, to growing the agency to handle the volume of clients we were attracting. That meant the hands-on, getting-knee-deep-into-the-client’s-world was happening less and less for the senior team.

We’ve grown, we’ve shrunk, we’ve rebooted, downsized, upsized, upgraded and updated. As the national economy tanked and began affecting our clients, we adjusted to slashed budgets and went ‘virtual’, trimming overhead and changing our office view from our highly visible, hipster-loving downtown space, to working from our home studios with a dog or two at our feet and fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen.


By hand picking our clients, we’re able to truly personalize and dedicate ourselves to helping companies we like, and liking the companies we help.
Clients get responsive and highly personalized service without the big-agency bureaucracy. We’re here to guide the process, tell your brand story in a compelling way, and to give you the creative tools to nurture and sustain your brand into the future.


Our criteria are simple – we choose clients who are open and transparent about their wins and losses, and who see us as partners, not just suppliers. We want to work with people we like and trust, at organizations we admire, who are doing some really cool things in a really ethical manner in their corner of the world.
Having a great sense of humor will move any client to the top of ‘besties’ list.

What we do

We give you strategy, planning, and creative brand support solutions to make you stand out from your competitors in meaningful ways.
From refreshingly easy-to-implement brand strategies to expert web solutions that engage visitors, to finding better ways to design and produce the projects in our care, it really IS all about you at Omni Ideas!

Why the change?

Our intent is to be the best branding studio in the area, choosing to work with a limited number of small and medium-sized, new/emerging/seasoned organizations to provide them with a clear definition of their brand, tell their brand story in a way that attracts and motivates their buyers to buy, and give our clients the creative tools to nurture and sustain their brand as they successfully grow their business.

How do we work with clients?

As a brand studio with our core staff working off-site, clients work with top quality talent with low overhead.

And while “Omni” means “all” – we really don’t want to be all things to all clients. We outsource and recommend dependable and ethical partners to fill any needs not directly handled by us or not directly part of the brand development process.

What is our track record?

We’ve worked with just about every classification of business in our 25 years – manufacturing, commercial construction, medical, retail, real estate, scientific measuring systems for agriculture (we get why tractors cost over $400,000), non-profits, universities, social service agencies, the state government, an equine therapy center, wireless providers, architects, and the arts. Some branding studios like to focus on one type of business, but we decided we wanted to focus on one type of service: Branding.