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A NEW look for your Facebook!

Need a little inspiration on this Monday?  Then turn over to Facebook.  

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Nomophobia Takes Over The World (no, it is not a fear of gnomes)

Nomophobe – paralyzing fear of not having our mobile phones with us. “No

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The Elusive Future. A Taboo for College Students?

Electives should not be seen as 'optional'. The future is a petrifying place

5 Tips for Companies to Appeal to Millennials on Social Media

When I got the opportunity to be Omni’s first ever guest blogger, I

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Apps for Creative People

As a designer, there is one tool I could not live without (well,

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What Makes A Great Ad?

Let's face it, most of us can easily pick out the bad ones,


Rebloging a blog is a faux pas, but let's be honest...amateur bloggers struggle to write groundbreaking

WordPress… so much more than a blogging tool

WordPress is the most popular blogging tool available on the web at this

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2013-2014 Cannes Lions Festival Press Winners

Looking for a little inspiration on this cloudy Tuesday afternoon? Now that the

The Three Rules of Marketing

Answer WIIFM and everyone wins. The Oscar’s of the advertising world