Writing White Papers Right

Writing White Papers Right, By Jill Schuller  The heart of marketing is strong branding, and building up credibility about your company creates a strong brand. One of the tools we often employ as part of a brand-marketing program is a “white paper”. A common definition is a report that discusses relevant problems and explanations on how to solve them. They are used to educate readers to help them make decisions. While more common in the political realm, they are a valuable tool in business and can be posted on a corporation’s website as well as included in prospecting materials such as mailings, presentations, e-newsletters, etc. While it is considered an old-school method, it has high value when used in conjunction with other marketing tactics. For example, publishing a white paper for a company creates more search engine opportunities for that company – more views, more info, more hits, more awareness. Let’s look more closely at what a white paper IS and IS NOT and steps to develop white papers.