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Calling All Nonprofits and Creatives For Social Change

While recently visiting, I stumbled across an interesting post, that I thought

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Marketing During Economic Downturn

When Economic Fears Press In, Marketing Can Shine , By Jill Schuller Show me a business that is thriving without any anxiety in this current economy, and you will find a goldmine of eager investors at the door. The truth is every industry – retail, service, commercial, manufacturing – has been impacted in some form over the past several months. Whether you believe the reactions are fear-based or real is irrelevant. What is real is that we have decision-makers reluctant to make changes or move forward into the unknown because their customers are reacting to the economic fears. We can all admit that the downturn brings thoughts of doom and gloom to our dreams at night. However, as in any downturn – yes, even the Great Depression – there are positive changes and inspiring ideas afoot.   Fear creates only two responses (c’mon! remember 5th grade science?) – “fight” or “flight”.  While a business owner can bemoan the dollars lost by ignoring the problems for so long, they should instead look at the reality of the moment, and address the necessary corrections now.  For those still in the game that are fighting, the economy by now should have polarized your strategy, brought incredible clarity to what is important, and what is fluff in your business. 

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